About This Club

This is a club for all of us that play games that the gamers call dead games. COD PLAYERS, DOOM Players, Unreal..etc..You say dead game but you always come back to those games..

  1. What's new in this club
  2. My favorite dead game is Battalion 1944. The game i am most looking forward to coming out is Battalion 1944.
  3. Battallion is finally here what do we think so far? I am playing my third day well I only played half a day one of my three days off lol..
  4. Mohaa what game is that am too tired can't figure it out lol.. Has anyone been playin beta of battalion last I heard there was no progress..I would love a great game to come from this especially it being dedicated servers something we can all play together. I love unreal tournament might have to play with you all sometime..
  5. 1. MOHAA 2. COD2 3. COD4 Waiting for Battalion. Only playing FortNite, a little R6, and cod2 / cod4 pugs. Kill me and resurrect me when Battalion is out pls.
  6. 1. MOHAA 2. COD2 3. COD4 hoping battalion doesn't get too overhyped. looking forward to it
  7. 1: cod2 2: Unreal Tournament 3: Battlefield 1942
  8. My favorite dead game is cod2 then 4. I am waiting for battalion to come out....I am very addicted to pub g my current game I am playing...