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  1. Earlier
  2. "I don't want to feel stuck baby; I just want to get drunk before noon"
  3. Another brilliant prediction by vital1ty
  4. Dean, blunt, Kevlar, me, and a forgotten random; the dream team was almost fully assembled.
  5. fuckin' decent rapper, check him out.
  6. 10k my ass
  7. Trauma

  8. I drop in for some PUBG, grab a chicken dinner and then fuck the old lady and go to bed by 9 Id like to be playing something a little more competitive and addicting.
  9. Siege>all the garbo you trashbags have posted. PS: Battalion looking lit as hell. Excited for the release
  10. fortnite proffeshonal here
  11. God of War 4
  12. Must keep this shit post train alive
  13. Guilty pleasure
  14. your just brad cause your meaty oaker
  15. Dota2 CS:GO Farcry5 Wolfenstein 2 Zelda Breath of The Wild Zelda Ocarina of Time
  16. salad ass
  17. lettuce fuck
  18. fags
  19. Post the games that you have been playing lately boys. My List: *Street Fighter V *Pubg *League *HaloOnline
  20. hardest shit i heard in awhile
  21. lul
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