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    The second weekly Battalion 1944 draft is happening in TheTZ.org discord! When: The drafting will begin promptly at 2pm Eastern Standard Time (-5), but make sure you are in the discord by 1:30/1:45 to make sure you're included. The matches will start by 2pm. Format: Single elimination with potentially 32 being the max amount of teams. Maps/Rotation: Round 1 - Coastal, Round 2 - Derailed, Round 3 - Manorhouse V2, Round 4 - Liberation Semi-Finals and Finals will be a simple best of 1, map decided by veto. Captains: Anyone who posts in THE "I WANT TO BE A CAPTAIN" THREAD will have first crack at being a team captain. Prizes: Winning team will get Steam Gift Cards and Battalion 1944 WarChests to be distributed after the Finals (With the exception being WarChests will be distributed to winning players after the bugs in trading WarChests are fixed on Steam) The Semi-Finals and Finals will be casted on the official TheTZtv Twitch Channel! Remember, this draft is for fun! So no cheating/hacking or team stacking!
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    Shoutout to Booya for showing me this. I can't describe how excited I am to play with you all again <3
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    I'm a legend; if you have to ask for my credentials then your a newfag and i'm not interested in joining whatever "team" your assembling. I'm a solid dedicated 6th or coach/manager. You'r boi work full time 3rd shift and has a life so I won't be able to make scrims just LAN (& possibly the occasional match or two).
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    Holy shit Texas. It's been like 8 years since I've last seen you post. Gotta be at least 18 by now
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    Anyone I know need someone? I'll play video games, like riding a bike.
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    Over the years I downloaded a shit ton of old frag videos. I've uploaded what I had to youtube. Here you go: https://www.youtube.com/user/theimppaler/videos?shelf_id=0&view=0&sort=dd
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    Damn.. shouldnt have taken the pay, free gear, and all the prizes then.. Crazy how a non competitive game got all of that and even had ESL One tourneys.. thanks for the info bro!!!
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    Name: Joe Age: 26 Location: Chicago, IL Past Experience: Went by the name of Poko in all of the games below.. switched it up because of the dude on the Philly Fusion in OWL. Call of Duty 4: Played with Hostile Faction (kpwnage, broskee, seal, dmd) in season 2/3 of CEVO. Got invited to play in the NERV lans (Thanks MERCY) but I was like 16/17 at the time so never could go. Fatjesus? Angel Munoz, Hill??? lol Battlefield 4: Contracted by Elevate (ESL/CEVO, x5 Champions, x20+ top 3 finishes, #1 NA) - Played against Fnatic, Dignitas, Epsilon, INTZ regularly. Overwatch: Contracted by Elevate (Peaked at Top 12 NA, BTS NA Invite Team) Can play any role, entry frag, IGL, etc
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    Looks better than most resumes lol
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    Name: Dominik (You can just call me dom) Age: 19 Region: East US Time Zone: Eastern Standard Time (EST) Past Experience: PUBG - BOT Empire - ESULeague NA Invite (Placed 3rd in Qualifiers) / PUBGO Contender 2 pre-seasons CS:GO - CEVO-Main Seasons 12,13,14 - ESEA-IM Seasons 21,22 COD - $600+ earnings from console COD:Ghosts / COD: AW Experience playing in competitive scene in SF2, Crossfire, and many other similar fps games. Play Style: I'm a support player, in Battalion I will be sticking to the Rifleman and Default classes as I am best with semi-auto rifles and I feel that having a player who's best suited with these types of rifles will help in competitive as a way to lower the risk of messing up team economy. I have a slower play-style, liking to hold power positions and close angles to control choke points. You could best relate my play-style as an anchor. Times Available: I'm available any time from 12pm - 3am EST. I'm in the Army National Guard, so I have drills 1 weekend a month, but my drills are from 5am - 4pm, so I am able to play on those weekends 5pm-12am EST. Thank you in advance for your consideration, I am looking forward to hearing back from you.
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    Moving faster than pistol with SMG and default makes no sense.
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    nobody fuckin caaaaaaaaaares buddy jk ily
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    I havent played cod1, uo, cod2, or cod4 in a decade or more but I dont ever remember the TTK being as insanely low as it is in battalion. The SMGs, thompson in particular, are just absurd...its not as apparent in sd since the game mode is slower paced but jump in a dom, ctf, or tdm match and its just boring...just 10 people jumping around with thompsons...
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    Bringing Donnie lawlberg to the gxl sequel bro
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    Looking for a team. Not really sure if I'm gonna get some old newEra players together, so I dont wanna commit. But ill ring/play with anyone who needs it. COD2/COD4 Experience Washed-up CEVO-P backup holla at ya boi http://legit-proof.com/search?m=name&q=dougski94
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    Willing to captain again for the 3'rd draft
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    Definitely need that grease gun
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    Looking for a serious competitive team that wants to compete at the highest level. Age: 24 Schedule: Available everyday after 4pm Mountain Standard Time, 6pm East. Experience: Played for Blackout Project late in Call of Duty 4's life, but always scrimmed/pugged/rang for cevo-p teams. Missed the bus on Call of Duty 2, but during the life of CoD4 I pugged with many of the top players from CoD2. Affectionately known as "The Lemon". Prepared to commit large amounts of time to a team and to practicing.
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    [NA] Duo LFT/LF players We played Battlefield 4 and Overwatch professionally for Elevate and have over 3 years playing on a team together. We both have very open schedules and want to compete in as many tournaments as possible. We've been playing since Closed Alpha and have our own server for scrims. PM me for more info.
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    toornament and challonge. some seriously creative names!
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    Title says it all. Check the link for info: https://www.toornament.com/tournaments/1141934540805578752/information 1 person can register entire team. Just put fake emails when registering (it's required but means nothing.... its a toornament thing for some reason lol)
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    https://www.vg247.com/2018/01/29/until-map-selection-is-added-pubg-players-are-taking-it-upon-themselves-to-remove-miramar-from-the-rotation/ LUL
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    Hey. Former Global and current Top 500 OW Player looking to get into Battalion. Global screenshot linked to my main acc. Feel free to add me on Discord (Arenir#1809), or Steam.
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    Funxion and I were looking to make a team if anyone is interested
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    Naw, just classic vitality doing what he does.
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    Lol full razer get up, Product prizes in some of the tourneys.. Scene wasn't huge in NA, mostly in EU hence why we played in a lot of EU cups.. But hey ill take a contract with some pay while there was nothing else worth playing... Lol i see the toxicity in the community hasn't changed much.. Angel Munoz
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    I'm retired at the age of 26 now so I have all day to dedicate to battalion if needed. Contact me on discord.
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    chasing a hit of nostalgia lurking through these forums
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    Holy shit look at all these old vets. Fucking resurrection.
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    This is how you do it folks +1
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    Looking to either join a team, or make a team with some people. Age: 21 Region: US Time Zone: Central Past Experience: I have been playing cod4 competitively for about 10 years now Play style: Love to Scope and SMG, but I can really do anything needed. I give constant callous and am a team player. Times available: Everyday in afternoons and every weekend Really looking for a mature team that has a goal of competing in major events.
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    I want to make a team, had fun with 5 stacks in the beta. Just msg me if your interested.
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    Bringing people back from the dead
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    this is the SAME band as the Daughters song above. They changed their sound completely:
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