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    Holy shit Texas. It's been like 8 years since I've last seen you post. Gotta be at least 18 by now
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    Anyone I know need someone? I'll play video games, like riding a bike.
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    Bringing Donnie lawlberg to the gxl sequel bro
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    I havent played cod1, uo, cod2, or cod4 in a decade or more but I dont ever remember the TTK being as insanely low as it is in battalion. The SMGs, thompson in particular, are just absurd...its not as apparent in sd since the game mode is slower paced but jump in a dom, ctf, or tdm match and its just boring...just 10 people jumping around with thompsons...
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    This fucking guy. You still in south jersey fam??
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    Was amazed to see this community is still together after google searching "thetz". Keep on keepin on gentlemen.
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    So I thought I would start out with my music roots. I was country music til I met my real mother. I came home different. I heard my first Punk Rock..Alice Cooper. Richard Hell...Ramones, HeartBreakers or Johnny Thunder changed cause Tom Petty came out with his heartbreakes. These bands shaped Punk Rock..
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    OMG I love your taste in music Kevlar!!!!
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    Shoutout to Booya for showing me this. I can't describe how excited I am to play with you all again <3
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    Apparently the lead girl in this band, Clementine, has since gotten heavily into coke/meth and it really shows in more recent concerts/recordings/interviews/etc. Bit of a bummer, because damn, that girl had some talent.
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    Looking for a team. Not really sure if I'm gonna get some old newEra players together, so I dont wanna commit. But ill ring/play with anyone who needs it. COD2/COD4 Experience Washed-up CEVO-P backup holla at ya boi http://legit-proof.com/search?m=name&q=dougski94
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    I'm a legend; if you have to ask for my credentials then your a newfag and i'm not interested in joining whatever "team" your assembling. I'm a solid dedicated 6th or coach/manager. You'r boi work full time 3rd shift and has a life so I won't be able to make scrims just LAN (& possibly the occasional match or two).
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    Name: Jay - civ. Age: 23 Region: Eastern (Ohio) Past Experience: Return to Castle Wolfenstein - Played for a top 5 international team at the age of 7 to about 12 years old. Many of online tournaments, matches, and scrims put into the game. Counter Strike: Source - Played in CAL-IM for a bit, about a year. Was about 13 years old at the time, and didn't have much time to put aside for CAL matches. Call of Duty UO - Played matches with forum teams / communities. Didn't really push the game at the time, was probably 13 years old. Call of Duty 4 - Moved over to 360 from PC, played THOUSANDS of Gamebattles matches, tournaments, etc. - Didn't play much Pro Mod until the end of it's existence. Call of Duty WaW - Played tactical mod on PC with a clan called PzGr.3 alongside my dad, probably 14 years old to about 16 years old. Call of Duty MW2, BO1 - 360 still at this time, played a lot of tournaments, GBs, etc. Day of Defeat Source - Forum team / community matches, don't remember much about the game cause I only played it for like a year. H1Z1 - Played hundreds of scrims in this game, played with an ex-paladins pro and some old call of duty players. Eventually got offers from organization to represent them with no benefits (whack). Quit the game and eventually just subbed for a team that got invited to DreamHack Atlanta (Gankstars). Warface - Competed in this F2P shooter for fun, played a tournament and some scrims, but all on Russian servers. Team Fortress 2 - My current competitive game that I still play. Mainly focus on the 9v9 format that doesn't have any opportunity for much money tournaments. Have over 10 seasons of UGC League experience, 3 seasons at the highest division (I don't play the highest division anymore because it is a circle jerk). Summary: Needless to say, I have been playing FPS competitively since I was roughly 6/7 years old, and I don't plan to stop anytime soon. I am looking for a set group of people who want to grind at the chances of B1944 taking off, and eventually moving towards having an organization. Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/id/kingciv Discord: civ.#2416 Couple Clips / Frag Vids:
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    I think buffing the 44 and bar and nerfing the thompson would be a great improvement. In its current state, pubbing in this game, when you get past all the broken server shit, is just boring after about 20 minutes.
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    About damn time, keep this child alive
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    Then lets go back she act ually was the music movement. Not the womans movement. She changed music..
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    My favorite dead game is Battalion 1944. The game i am most looking forward to coming out is Battalion 1944.
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