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  1. Today is the day!!!!!
  2. Makes sense!
  3. There is still time!!!!
  4. I'm pretty sure you are the middle schooler. Trolling for responses. You got my last one I don't have time for child's play!
  5. This is fucking funny!
  6. Typical Liberal response but I expect this from people with no life experience.
  7. Intelligent doesn't guarantee common sense. Mate!
  8. It's very unfortunate that society has changed into the Liberal minded ideologies. I have to give liberals a small credit for pushing it so hard that now most of the media and most schools now push that liberal agenda. This constant ideology being pushed to our young people when they are so vulnerable is toxic because it doesn't allow the them to hear about other views then make a decision. They are basically brain washed into one point of view. So when I see the younger generation of people posting the hatred without even thinking about how our country suffers under democratic ideologies, I blame their PARENTS, THE MEDIA, AND SCHOOLING. Chaos would rule and our nation would crumble if our country was only run by liberals. I don't say this because i'm against all liberal views. In fact there are views that I agree with that come from liberals. I admit this because i am open to considering every view point before making decisions. We need both sides to keep the other side from totally ruining our country. Common sense is one of the most important traits a person should have but many liberals(not all) don't seem to have it. I see liberals doing the same thing black people used to use (still do use), THE RACE CARD! Even though black people(I don't call them African Americans because they are simply Americans) have integrated as equal Americans they still complain and bitch that there aren't enough black people in a certain positions. We had a black President, we have black Senators, Black Congress men and women, black Judges, black Police Chiefs, black Prosecutors, and black every thing else in society. Yes I agree their is still racism in this country but it comes from on all sides of race. Liberals like to use this card and the card that all rich people should give their money to the people who don't want to work for it. Working hard and respecting others is what I believe made our country great. Society is being brainwashed into thinking that all people who worked for their money should pay for the people who don't want to work. Just like the illegal alien argument. Liberals are OK with the breaking of the law(by coming here illegally) and wants our tax monies to help them out. I'm all for other people coming here but they have to do it legally and pay taxes like every one else. So it is bad enough that I as a working man who struggles to pay bills has to pay taxes that goes to help illegals as well as lazy Americans, and then Obama care comes out and I have to pay more insurance than other people to help even more non Americans/lazy Americans. What young people don't understand is pretty soon if liberals continue their agendas half of the money you will make will be paid to people who don't work or come here illegally. Lets see how yall like it when ya work hard for your money and the government takes half. I could go on all day with different issues, I only picked out a few things to try to open your minds. Most of you won't read it, most of you won't believe it, but until you get many years of Life experience most of you just don't care. My point behind all of this other views are shunned away as bullshit, and liberals act like little fucking school children who don't get their way when in fact they have gotten their way for so long. It's just that they can't accept what they have accomplished as enough, they want to keep pushing until the other side crumbles. That's my definition of the comment I quoted above by Shank. Someday you will understand!
  9. Fucking losers!
  10. No one misses that bafoon!!!
  11. Don't scare my fish away. Just a little one but fun to catch.
  12. well besides tryin my luck at gaming with all yall young bucks.
  13. Still won't keep me off of the lake! bass fishin is my life!
  14. wow !
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