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  1. 10k my ass
  2. Trauma

  3. I drop in for some PUBG, grab a chicken dinner and then fuck the old lady and go to bed by 9 Id like to be playing something a little more competitive and addicting.
  4. It's actually quite genius but more luck for them if it was indeed calculated and that can be argued. He can say he didn't mean to but that doesn't excuse the technique he has clearly practiced. You go up you land you follow the ball. He's shady as fuck and it's just lame like I just want to see the teams at 100%. I mean didn't Olenyk fucking break Kevin Loves arm or some shit a few years ago? Like what the fuck but hey let me breathe on Bron so he can go shoot for the and one lol
  5. A 2-step closeout in the corner is the same as sticking your knee straight up sliding into second. I wasnt a pro or anything but any DECENT highschool to AAu player knows this doesnt happen anymore. bruce Bowen comments hold no water as the game has changed and this ude has a 6 minute fucking clip of shady shit. Thats a 2 step shuddle closeout in the corner lol. He fucking ruined the playoffs now lol and I have no skin in this
  6. As an Atlanta fan I want Wall to lose and Horford to make it fucking happen. Also fuck v3 - dont even know u but with dat AVATAR we got b33fst3w
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