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  1. captain please
  2. cod1 on EU servers with no antilag....... count me in!
  3. i'll play as long as battalion isn't in EA by then...........
  4. No crash....?
  5. inb4 ashen calls out anyone who didn't play back in 2003
  6. you trying to kill this draft off already chuck?
  7. Maybe the 16th or 17th?
  8. Any idea when you'd want to do it? I can donate some $$$ in a couple of weeks.
  9. Good question. Servers didn't even cross my mind. I'll try and get my server setup for people to use.
  10. Hey stiffy, how is the actual drafting going to work?
  11. It's a draft you goobers.
  12. Since there probably isn't enough time to get this going for the 3rd. What about a draft that day instead? Makes it a bit easier, just make a challonge bracket and we're good to go.
  13. CG has them on their site.
  14. Harold's trying to keylog you. Don't do it.
  15. I've considered buying a PS4 to play competitively. Wouldn't use the XIM though just in case you actually do well, can't show up to a tourney with a fucking XIM.
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