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  2. I love hearing people who voted for Trump talk about welfare, considering that states that went for Trump actually get the most federal assistance from the following programs Medicaid, CHIP, SNAP, SS Disability, and farm subsidies from the federal government. Ironically each of those programs are those he's targeting in his budget. The whole welfare queen bullshit was started a long time ago and rose to the mainstream under Reagan. Lyndon B. Johnson even spoke of the strategy during his presidency... Funny enough, that's EXACTLY what's gonna happen in poor states that voted for Trump. Referring to the underlined quote, nope. 16th largest when speaking in dollars, 143rd when speaking in percentages. Speaking on the issue as a whole... Do you even know how the federal debt works? You do know he (and by extension Congress) haven't passed a single piece of legislation that affects the fiscal policy or the federal debt right? The federal debt ALWAYS fluctuates in the short run. Look across history, look across presidents that are both Democrat and Republican, you'll see the same fluctuations. It's due to economics, governmental fiscal cycles, and how governmental accounting works. As for all the Hillary conspiracy about Benghazi, I'll just leave that alone until you post so respectable sources, after all a wise man once said, "Forgotten were the elementary rules of logic, that extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence and that what can be asserted without evidence can be dismissed without evidence."
  3. If you get a Jetta you're a legit fag. The only VW's worth buying are the Golf GTI or Golf R. Wanna know how I know? This faggot drove one and got killed because of it.
  4. Bitches in here hatin on Barry O. He's here to fuck y'alls wives. Long dick style.
  5. Ali Bomaye is a certified banger.
  6. Yall listen to some pure trash. Educate yaself.
  7. Yea in all the leagues I play in we do a high score payment as well, just to keep those who got no chance at playoffs in the game the full season.
  8. Just trying to judge interest in a TZ fantasy league. Ideally I'd like a 12 team league. 10 team is doable. 8 team is cancer. Can use ESPN or Yahoo idgaf. Rules would be up for a vote of course but I'd prefer PPR. Don't really care whether full or half point. Can play for money or just for shits and giggles. So far... slv abraxas saleen mautism trump shotyz uzi
  9. When Missandei is ready to give if up but you don't have a dick. Just in the bed like...
  10. Trump stans asking for welfare.
  11. If you actually buy another cod game just end it.
  12. They not gonna like this.
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