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  1. m1tch

  2. If anyones down to take a trip through memory lane and fire up some painkiller ,hit me up. Just picked up the remastered off steam for $20.
  3. Newegg wants $750 for an RX480?! Everything is skyhigh both AMD and Nivida what the holy fuck sticks did a warehouse or something burn down recently?! I bought an R9 Fury Nitro+ Edition for $210 and I was upset I couldnt get it for $200 (brand new off newegg). They would ask you over 2k for my card now.
  4. Ok so I was gonna swing on up in here and lay down some good advice (im a pc tech nerd x1000) but then I went to the interwebs to snag you a solid deal and WTF ARE UP WITH GRAPHIC CARD PRICES RIGHT NOW?!?! LOL
  5. 62 hours on steam.. warframe is wtf cooler
  6. yeah that intro was stupid long...
  7. Hope we can see more of her work with battalion. She did a pretty sick job on clockwork4 too
  8. nvm refunded it warframe is way cooler lol
  9. All aboard the hype train. Just preordered, will be in the beta in august. Anyone else plan on playing?
  10. Had no idea the cal forums/community was still kicking. I played a lot of quake, painkiller, and vcod back in the day. I remember some names but not many. Pretty damn cool this was kept alive.
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