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  1. miss you buddy
  2. Just posting to notify everyone shank is still going strong in 2019. Full steam ahead Aspergers!
  3. lettuce fuck
  4. lul
  5. If you haven't heard, Early Access hits Feb 1st. Since I've seen some people have already started posting in Discord about teams / recruitment and figured we'd make a thread where players can post if they are looking for a team, or more players. I'll start theTZ.org ~ Team Awakening (tentative roster) Will be attempting to compete in all high level league play and will go from there. -Abraxas -Uzi -Night -Jben?? -Open Spot??
  6. #1 Mali (aka ahfinity aka nebula - ban evaded twice so far) - perma banned for cheating (please post clips if you have them as he deleted everything off his twitch) Steam profile (fresh account): http://steamcommunity.com/id/NebulaOC/ TOP LEL: His Twitter: https://twitter.com/KingMalicious His Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/MALICIOUSisLive Org supporting him: https://twitter.com/TacticalTurtles
  7. bruh we talkin bout pugs rn
  8. streamline is setting us up a cod2 server in the next few days, we'll figure out a good night to do some pugs. we used to do fridays for cod2 in 2017
  9. Mali resurfaced tonight:
  10. 3/17 move-ups Swrl enjiFTW grndhog tater demolition xlzghost godmikepmp 1shot (probably more to come tonight / tomorrow, just wanted to get these ones done)
  11. ALL MOVE UPS WILL BE POSTED HERE FROM NOW ON: Saturday Feb 24th Move ups: -srm (moved to invite, quality team player, good communication, noticeable improvements in time watched) -ekaj (moved to invite, good attitude from what admins have observed, quality player) -spitfire (moved to invite, high quality plays from draft #4 & overall draft # mvp) -slushey (moved back up to invite for draft performance in draft #4) -cbiscuit (moved to invite, good player, wasn't moved up due to potential attitude issues, has been very positive from what I've observed since mentioning it to him)
  12. Patch notes here: https://www.rustafied.com/
  13. Server updated to latest version. Also here is a taste of whats coming down the road in Rust soon, get hype:
  15. Please vote for a date for a South American Battalion 1944 draft tourny Por favor vote por una fecha para un borrador del Batallón Sudamericano 1944 Por favor, votem para uma data para um projeto de 1944 do batalhão sul-americano
  16. Diabotical is an Arena FPS inspired by classic Arena games and developed by The GD Studio (respectable dudes IMO and even though I don't personally like Arena style shooters this game looks pretty dope.) The game should be playable by the end of 2018. Recent Update Video: Kickstarter: Twitter: Official: https://twitter.com/playdiabotical?lang=en 2GD: https://twitter.com/follow2GD Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/Diabotical/
  17. Move-up forgotten from yesterday Tompolek aka tpole
  18. Move-ups for 3/10 Wolfpack Prizz Epps Pride Vic West Syfi disrupt blade Move-downs martyr EDIT: vahn & wall-e moved back to invite, was given bad information from another admin.
  19. English If 20 SA players respond to this thread saying they would play in a TZ SA Battalion draft or tourny we will host the event for you guys. Just reply to this thread saying "Yes I would play" Translated to spanish (google translate rip): Si 20 jugadores de SA responden a este hilo diciendo que jugarían en un draft o un torneo del TZ SA Battalion, organizaremos el evento para ustedes. Solo responda a este hilo diciendo "Sí, jugaría" Translated to portuguese: Se 20 jogadores da SA respondem a esse tópico dizendo que eles jogariam em um torneio pug ou equipe pug de Battalion TZ SA, iremos hospedar o evento para vocês. Apenas responda a este tópico dizendo "Sim, eu jogaria" English edit: we will be offering Battalion WarChests as prizes for your events. Just like for NA! <3 Espanol edit: estaremos ofreciendo Battalion WarChests como premios para sus eventos. ¡Como para NA! <3 Portuguese edit: estaremos oferecendo Battalion WarChests como prêmios para seus eventos. Assim como para NA! <3
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