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  1. TTK

    Bringing Donnie lawlberg to the gxl sequel bro
  2. This fucking guy. You still in south jersey fam??
  3. the fuckin best
  4. I'm not gonna lie I'm surprised you don't like it. Honestly I expected the cod 4 people to rave over this game
  5. TTK

    Yeah agreed on the 44 and bar. It has the range of a smg with shittier damage. Don't like the cards either. I understand why they did it, to bring a cs approach, but shit is whack as fuck
  6. Come on man take that shit in stride lol
  7. You wouldn't happen to live in Philly or Pa would you? Talk to a couple of me work M8s and apparently online school is popular in those areas. As a New Jersey troglodyte I was unaware.
  8. My first thought is about crakka
  9. Online high school? is that like some sort of alternative home schooling?
  10. I would always feel bad. It was so fucking awkward that it honestly remained a hush topic lol
  11. Lol yooooooooooooooo
  12. Lol are you saying there is a relation to cod4 cheating and domestic violence
  13. Looks better than most resumes lol
  14. Source? never heard of brammer
  15. I agree on sprint somewhat. Idk if it's just the beta maps but they feel kinda compact and open so having a longer sprint I feel could be kinda shit.
  16. myself and my boy Gucci are lookin for a tim for this. My competitive spirit has been reinvigorated bro
  17. Bringing people back from the dead
  18. Who from DT is coming back
  19. LFT for this
  20. Cod2 is better anyway
  21. It's trailer on January 9th.
  22. Any dates yet tho
  23. I wonder if my man is able to pull off a cod 1 draft
  24. Somebody put in the clip if tmaxx walking right past the guy proning along the street in burg
  25. Was a lot of fun so hopefully these drafts will run more often. Thoroughly enjoyed playing with my team