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  1. I normally advocate against cheating, but there is a spicy St Patricks Day 50%-off ESP/WH sale. Give the man another chance.
  2. #FreeMali #FreeNebula
  3. You don't have them because they never existed.
  4. No, they are called losers. Giant, social losers. You seem like the type of person who got a letterman jacket in high school and had "Marching Band" and "Debate" stitched on the back. Just because something has competitions does not mean it is a sport.
  5. I've played at the top of every game I picked up starting with vcod to CS:GO. #DabOnThemHaters
  6. I believe the politically correct term is "Basketball-American" names. Please change your title.
  7. Being good at a video game has never been impressive and never will be.
  8. These are the type of pics that you burn in a fire or destroy from all hard drives, not repost them back in to the internet for the whole world to see how much of ugly faggot nerds you used to be (still are). My face is permanently in the shape of a prune thanks to the gigantic cringe that just overwhelmed my entire senses by viewing these sausagefest, virgin-infested LAN photographs. What the fuck is wrong with you all?
  9. This is a very interesting topic, evansanity. Me personally, I would look in to getting a BMW R75. During single player of CoD:UO (United Offensive for the younger kids on this forum), I would always drive one of these and they never broke down on me. It got good mileage so that I could complete many missions in one sitting. I had no experience riding a motorcycle before I rode one of these during my mission in Burgsteinfurt, Germany when I was just 13 years old. I think you will like this bike. It is a tad old, but, as my old lady says, still gets the job done. Sincerely, force# m4TTz xfire=killeraddiction
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