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  1. Siege>all the garbo you trashbags have posted. PS: Battalion looking lit as hell. Excited for the release
  2. Really not sure why you guys are making jokes..this game is gunna be fuckin huge come summer 2018
  3. When will the first one be? Game seems to be blowing up and I want in on Brammers deep pockets
  4. Looking to backup in a game with 400 players...ooof
  5. Gotta get ready for the big money lans
  6. who cheats at game as dead as battalion?
  7. TTK

    I think buffing the 44 and bar and nerfing the thompson would be a great improvement. In its current state, pubbing in this game, when you get past all the broken server shit, is just boring after about 20 minutes.
  8. TTK

    I havent played cod1, uo, cod2, or cod4 in a decade or more but I dont ever remember the TTK being as insanely low as it is in battalion. The SMGs, thompson in particular, are just absurd...its not as apparent in sd since the game mode is slower paced but jump in a dom, ctf, or tdm match and its just boring...just 10 people jumping around with thompsons...
  9. Trailer refuse usually have quick tempers
  10. Bring back your plex server asshole
  11. Online highschool will surely turn out socially well adjusted kids
  12. Sounds like a winner
  13. people were handing out contracts for a game with 25 teams in competition? lol
  14. The games "comp scene" was non existent in under a year lmao...what prizes and free gear did you win
  15. bf4 was never competitive lol
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