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  1. Either you have a different mobo or CPU but the ones you have on there aren't compatible lol.
  2. CPU: 6600k @ 4.8ghZ GPU: MSI Gaming X 1070 RAM: 16gb ddr4-3000 Mobo: Msi z170-a Case: Thermaltake Supressor e31 or some shit PSU: Evga Supernova G2 850w Monitor: Acer 24" 144hz some random hdd's and ssd's Rayzer Blackwidow, Logitech g something mouse , steelseries Siberia v2 headset
  3. I bought that same card @ $259. Mining has ruined the gpu market.
  4. Threadripper.
  5. Nah, I'll pass.
  6. Red base clam chowder is fucking gross. Regular clam chowder is the stuff dreams are made of, though.
  7. When I was running the GOTN tournaments we had a boat load of cheaters. PB is god awful in cod2 though. xlz was the only one 'confirmed' but there were several others. You'd be surprised who still feels the need to cheat in old games. Gotta boost that ego.
  8. I'd rather play pubg but I can try and get on Friday evening (after 10 or so) if you all are on. I donno if I have cod2 installed but it shouldn't take long to dl.
  9. Yeah, he was live streaming when he asked one of his subscribers to get a lock of HRC's hair. He's the dickhead that bought that copy of Wu Tang's special edition album, not to mention all the other shit he's done. Totally something shank would do.
  10. Why would they ban people for editing the config? If they're trying to be a competitive powerhouse, they need to make things a little more customizable. That being said, I have no issues with the game as far as frames. I run everything on low with models on ultra.
  11. Hey look, it's shank if he had money!
  12. Nice! I dig the simplicity though. I'm excited to see what else you guys have.
  13. I haven't played much since July. I played with Dmaster and his crew for about a month. I just started playin Fpp a couple weeks ago. I work third so I'm generally on Friday/Saturday evenings. I'll have to add you guys on steam and join discord.
  14. I looked but didn't see it. Must be my old eyes.
  15. Lol, people still trolling/bringing up old shit. Never change guys, never change.
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