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  1. "I don't want to feel stuck baby; I just want to get drunk before noon"
  2. Another brilliant prediction by vital1ty
  3. Dean, blunt, Kevlar, me, and a forgotten random; the dream team was almost fully assembled.
  4. Random Posting Dumping Ground. In Ode to the old 10,000 Post Thread, we will continue the tradition; enjoy.
  5. Must keep this shit post train alive
  6. Guilty pleasure
  7. your just brad cause your meaty oaker
  8. Dota2 CS:GO Farcry5 Wolfenstein 2 Zelda Breath of The Wild Zelda Ocarina of Time
  9. "So don't leave me here with only mirrors watching me, This house that holds nothing but the memories; And the mood bleeds silver but never sleeps"
  10. "I'm puking in the next room, sorry about the carpet; clean it up or your mom will be mad. I'm pretending that i'm too good for you so you can't see the worthless pathetic person I am; better to seem like an ass hole, than what you are"
  11. "such a feminist but she swears she isn't one; CAUSE GODDAMIT my gender shoudln't matter"
  12. "there was years where i was ready to die, but it's only been recently that i've been willing to live"
  13. "I don't know how to live but i'm sick of learning how to die"
  14. Best Youtube annotations ever
  15. "Like if freedom means doing what i want; well, don't i got to want something?"
  16. "but nothing been quite the same since you shot yourself. I don't know if you believe in ghosts; i hope you would haunt me if you were one"
  17. "i hate sleeping and i hate waking up and i can't afford to give a fuck about myself"
  18. i'm starting to think all this waiting has been a waste
  19. <cod23
  20. it's cool we'll wait...
  21. pretty good cover by a pretty nice guy; should give a like if you appreciate
  22. IDK but i can teach you how to dougie
  23. been waiting for this game for years, can't wait to play
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