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  1. On both sides
  2. sound delayed af tho
  3. i did it for the fans
  4. '' set naded ''
  5. I care a lot about this game.
  6. No map vetos, Ctan as a semi, allowed to use ringers ( kmach for shx, superman for seal ) BO1s.... It's 6:30 and this shit is done, 3 hours drafts with 6 teams. FeelsBadMan Grats to the winner anyway, wesley you're trash tho
  7. i meant breakout ahah not brecourt mb. And yeah i remember playing train a lot
  8. Could be a 1 day event. 2 groups of 4, every team playing eachother, first 2 teams of both groups advanced. bo1 for group stage and bo3 for semis and finals. Just an idea. What are the map pool ? toujane matmata dawnville burgundy carentan trainstation brecourt ?
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