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  1. Damn darkk! Where have you been man? I miss those good old days. I wish I had more screenshots or demos from back then. Really disappointing. How you been?
  2. I never got into CoD4, but if a team needs 1, I'll play.
  3. That's true. 11:48 AM - hostage: pug? 12:09 PM - hostage: hey pug? 2:24 PM - hostage: u wanna pug now? 3:16 PM - hostage: need 1 for pug 4:41 PM - hostage: been waiting on u if u wanna pug 5:32 PM - hostage: thinking of pugging w us? 5:55 PM - hostage: come pug!! 7:00 xyeLz gets home from work and finishes his dinner 7:01 PM - xyeLz: hey! yeah ill play! 7:02 PM - hostage: sry full 8:02 PM - xyeLz: need 1? 8:03 PM - hostage: full 9:37 PM - xyeLz: hey there buddy im around if u need one 9:38 PM - hostage: ill let u know, think were gonna be full until 2 AM This took me way longer to write out than it should have.
  4. But I never get to pug because everyone is already pugging.
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