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  1. it's me, wizrd; y'all. attend to me
  2. more wizrd. the people clamor for it Tyler and you had me hidden away as if for some coup de grace. Release my power for all.
  3. after wards
  4. noooooooooo
  5. But how's your OW rank?
  6. I just wanna say, Polanski ruined my OW rank
  7. you forgot about Kevin Love being a sister kisser and sprite being second rate 7up
  8. Well, I never even insinuated that Durant is the best. And you're discounting Durant's play at the 5 and his defense this series. That's improved play, bub. I agree with you though that its pretty soft of him to join GS. But LeBron did the same thing. The only difference being that the Heat at the time hadnt just come off a championship. The Cavs even now are a team of proven, exceptional players that simply went to Cleveland to play with LeBron. GS has what? One egregious ring hunter while the Cavs are practically, with the exception of Kyrie and Tristan, doing the same? LeBron has hair plugs and sprite is a half-assed 7up. Let's quit pretending forming super teams isn't the name of the game now.
  9. LeBron "The Decision" James. Hopping from one super team to the next and gets to be called the greatest. Durant is no better and no worse. Hell, the only real difference between the teams is that the Warriors can play defense.
  10. LeBron has hair plugs
  11. Kevin Love is a sissy and kisses his sister. 100%
  12. Kyrie gonna step up when LeBron crumbles. Maybe he can get Draymond suspended again for the advantage though.
  13. i get awful frames or something =(
  14. somebody cant sing
  15. I hear this every game, sugar. I got that salsa verde
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