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  1. Your number is off but yeaaaa crazy isn't it.. Shit on it all ya want.. All g with me
  2. Lol full razer get up, Product prizes in some of the tourneys.. Scene wasn't huge in NA, mostly in EU hence why we played in a lot of EU cups.. But hey ill take a contract with some pay while there was nothing else worth playing... Lol i see the toxicity in the community hasn't changed much.. Angel Munoz
  3. Damn.. shouldnt have taken the pay, free gear, and all the prizes then.. Crazy how a non competitive game got all of that and even had ESL One tourneys.. thanks for the info bro!!!
  4. Name: Joe Age: 26 Location: Chicago, IL Past Experience: Went by the name of Poko in all of the games below.. switched it up because of the dude on the Philly Fusion in OWL. Call of Duty 4: Played with Hostile Faction (kpwnage, broskee, seal, dmd) in season 2/3 of CEVO. Got invited to play in the NERV lans (Thanks MERCY) but I was like 16/17 at the time so never could go. Fatjesus? Angel Munoz, Hill??? lol Battlefield 4: Contracted by Elevate (ESL/CEVO, x5 Champions, x20+ top 3 finishes, #1 NA) - Played against Fnatic, Dignitas, Epsilon, INTZ regularly. Overwatch: Contracted by Elevate (Peaked at Top 12 NA, BTS NA Invite Team) Can play any role, entry frag, IGL, etc
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