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  1. [5:27 PM] viraL: man [5:27 PM] viraL: i know you cheatin my dude [5:27 PM] Mali: bro [5:27 PM] Mali: seriously [5:27 PM] viraL: im dead serious [5:28 PM] Mali: I don't even know how to cheat lmao [5:28 PM] Mali: I'm a noob [5:28 PM] viraL: lol [5:28 PM] viraL: i watched the clips dude [5:28 PM] viraL: i suspected you on friday too myself [5:28 PM] viraL: you peek everything exacto and know exactly where everyone is [5:28 PM] viraL: run down coastal no fear [5:28 PM] viraL: cmon man [5:28 PM] viraL: how dense do u think i am [5:28 PM] viraL: i played 1.6 [5:28 PM] viraL: i can spot em [5:28 PM] Mali: lol true [5:28 PM] viraL: probably [5:28 PM] Mali: you right [5:28 PM] viraL: turn it down a bit boss [5:28 PM] viraL: did they ban you from tz? [5:29 PM] Mali: yeah but I have multiple accounts [5:29 PM] viraL: hahahahaha [5:29 PM] Mali: lolol [5:29 PM] viraL: right on [5:29 PM] viraL: well i wish you the luck in your endeavours [5:29 PM] viraL: u seem like a decent dude [5:29 PM] viraL: too bad ur cheatin in a dead game :frowning: [5:29 PM] Mali: LOLOL yeeee [5:29 PM] Mali: let me know if you want to join the dark side [5:29 PM] Mali: ill show you the ways [5:32 PM] viraL: lol [5:32 PM] viraL: i dont need your assistance if i wanted to, but thanks [5:33 PM] Mali: the group I'm in is very very private [5:33 PM] Mali: like very private [5:33 PM] Mali: its not no google search
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