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After a successful first draft even thought it was last minute, we are going to do another CoD4 Draft next weekend. The event will start at 3pm CENTRAL (CST). 

Reposting from Draft # 1:

Big thanks to xyeLz and Virl for providing us servers for this event!

Check them out over at https://www.virl.gg/


We don't know how many people will show up for this so the format will be decided on the day.

Date and Time:

Saturday, January 20th @ 3pm Central. In TheTZ Discord


Bracket Format:

8 teams and under:

B01 Double elim. Bracket/setup to be finalized this week.

Over 8 teams:

BO1 double elimination bracket.

Match Rules:

Teams will knife. The winning team will then ban 2 maps. The other team will ban another 2.

Then the winning team will select 1 map out of the 2 remaining maps and the losing team will select side.

Each game will be in mr12 format, with overtime being in mr3.

Servers will be running Promod Live 2.20 with either v1.7 disabled PB or v1.8 (to be decided)



Captains will be selected from those that volunteer. Try to show up before 3pm if you want to captain.

If there are not enough volunteers we will randomly select people to be captain.


Map Pool:








Racism, sexism, harassment:

Don’t be a dick. If you are racist, sexist, or harassing other players through Discord or

in-game, you will be removed from the Draft.



With no AC for this Draft we can’t do too much about cheating. If someone on either your

team or the opposing team is blatantly cheating (ie. aimbotting the entire team each round)

then your team can report them to admins and it will be looked into. We won’t be able to look into suspicions or review demos unless you

really believe it supports your case.


All disputes, including cheating as outlined above, will be done on a case-by-case basis.

If you feel we missed anything or have a suggestion, let us know!

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Today is the day!!!!!

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